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Building events that boost brands.

corporate events

Events are one of the most important vehicles used to build brand awareness. They provide unique opportunities to share ideas, products, and services in an up-close and personal way. We understand how to maximize these engagements by partnering with you to create an experience that boosts your brand, delivers your messaging in a clear, impactful way, and engages attendees.

Our expert team of creative strategists, designers, and engineers work together to deliver a cohesive, seamless, full-service event from concept to pack-up. From strategy and journey mapping to design and execution, we are all-hands-on-deck to ensure your event is a success.

Here are a few attributes that set us apart:

It’s all about the journey.

We believe great experiences start with a great strategy. Our creative team prides itself on developing unique solutions for mapping an attendee’s journey through an event or conference by combining innovative graphics, on-brand messaging and effective visual tools that communicate clear pathways for attendees to personalize their event experience from pre-to-post event. We create an event road map, through thoughtful timelines that detail every aspect of the experience attendees will meet. This map organizes and enhances the internal communication strategy surrounding an event through its life-cycle and it is our production bible.

Tech and trends.

A core component of successful event design is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to tech and trends. From the start, this has been a guiding principle for Blueprint Studios. Our leadership team is laser-focused on how these two impact the event industry. When it comes to technology, it’s not only about finding the most creative ways to incorporate it, especially activations, but also about how to keep people engaged when there are more competing distractions than ever. For trends, we look for inspiration from around the world and marry that with our years of expertise to create award-winning, dynamic experiences.

We support you.

We reject the “business as usual” approach and work tirelessly to deliver a seamless and successful event experience. To ensure the event is executed to the highest possible standards, one of our experienced Creative Account Directors assembles a specialized, in-house team to support your specific goals and objectives. From start to finish, this is our commitment to you.

Global reach.

Our operation manages over 100 trucks traveling to various locations on a daily basis. From local deliveries located near one of our three strategically located warehouses (San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas), to cross country coordination and international shipping, we’re able to bring our creative designs and services to any place in the world.

Meeting spaces are one of the most important corporate spaces. It’s where great minds come together to share ideas, innovate, face challenges, solve problems, and plan for the future.

With 20 years of corporate experience, we’ve worked with the best brands to create spaces that are welcoming, conducive to productivity, and provide the latest technology features — form and function. We take every variable into account and provide an exceptional experience.

We specialize in large-scale, fully customized event spaces to bring your client an event like none other. These include week-long full-day event services to one-day engagements.

Our 20-year history has enabled us to have an in-depth understanding of what makes a conference event design successful. From how to best position your registration and what activations types yield the most engagement to the overall flow of people and activity throughout the entire event, we deliver impactful event solutions.

When it comes to trade shows, we’ve left behind boring booths. We think outside the box pushing boundaries to deliver unique, on-brand experiences.

Understanding that trade show spaces have a unique set of needs, Blueprint Studios created Vident Exhibits, our in-house exhibit studio. Specializing in the design and production of corporate exhibit environments, Vident combines cutting-edge technology, ingenuity and craftsmanship to manufacture creative, quality trade show displays, exhibits, and empowering activations that enable exhibitors to engage their customers in the most innovative ways.

When it comes to showcasing products, sharing philosophies, and putting brands into the hands of consumers, events are prime opportunities for clients.

We transcend the traditional concept of a design studio to become an extension of your marketing team, partnering to build your vision from the ground up. Our experienced, talented team of creatives are work together to seamlessly incorporate existing branding as well as to create new branding and designs. These designs are implemented throughout every aspect of the event from massive wall installations and custom carpets to activation stations and invitations.

We offer these services for full event productions as well as independently. We can create all the designs if you have the rest covered. We can also manage all the printing to help ease your workload.

How fully attendees are engaged is pivotal in determining the overall success of an event. Activations are an essential tool to help achieve this. These immersive experiences create valuable engagements that resonate, raise brand awareness, and leave a lasting and memorable impression.

One challenge is finding new and exciting ways to capture an audience with competing distractions. Our dedicated team of event strategists partners with you to develop forward-thinking, unique solutions. We reference past performance to inform what tactics are most effective and leverage event design, marketing strategy, and attendee journey mapping to create multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experiences that meet the specific needs of your event.

A recognized industry leader, our brilliant in-house custom fabrication team designs and builds stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces including 3D lettering, scenic props, trade show booths, CNC routing, and cabinetry.

Our skilled carpenters, metal workers, electricians, and painters provide unique ways to fabricate, construct, and customize pieces both beautifully and efficiently. In addition, our structural engineering and architectural team work hand in hand with the fabrication team to ensure construction accuracy and safety.

Whether you need an extensive custom build-out for a large space or simply one or two pieces to add drama or functionality, we can make it happen.