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Experience an event like never before

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Elevated Engagements.

Experience an event like never before


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Enter into a new virtual reality powered by Illumeet.

At Blueprint Studios, we approach virtual events from the essence of any event: space planning. We understand the importance of the attendee journey and create a custom road-map for every experience allowing our creative team to ideate wire-frames that are compelling, immersive, and engaging.

We facilitate custom interactive environments that promote your business, products, and/or partners, through a multitude of mediums such as live chats, networking opportunities, video, digital catalogs, and integrated hyperlinks to any website or URL.

Our expertise in creating live corporate event environments combined with interactive media is the strategic solution to keep your attendees fully engaged through either a virtual event platform solution or our 360 virtual exploration space.

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Virtual Event Options

By creating a 3D Virtual Space that users can explore, you can create an engaging immersive experience without them having to leave their office.

Virtual Spaces work best for things like virtual showrooms, virtual storefronts, trade show booths, and much more!

Explore a 3D Virtual Space

If you’re hosting an event, this tool can be useful for showing off your event space prior to an event to get guests excited and share your event layout.

It can also be valuable to share on your website post-event to show off the experience.

Take a 360° Virtual Tour

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