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From full-service design and execution to luxury rentals and creative services, we deliver innovative, engaging corporate and social event experiences.

event strategy + design

We’re your strategic partner.

The first and most important part of our event design process is defining the strategy. It sets the foundation. It’s what elevates an average event to an exceptional one. We partner with you to devise the best approach for your event. We listen, we research, we get creative and we generate holistic, integrated plans that not only ensure your event is visually engaging and functional, but that it tells a story, shares a message and moves people to action.

We’re brand-boosters.

Events are key to helping launch, shape and grow successful brands. As a long time trusted partner for a wide range of businesses, including Fortune 500, we understand the critical need for every aspect of your event to carry the right message, tone and environment. Our dedicated team of creative strategists and designers work with you throughout the entire process to ensure every detail is on point. And the best part: we are not an agency; we do it all in one house.

We’re the un-status quo of event design.

We develop event concepts and designs that push boundaries and challenge industry standards. Our brilliant team of creative gurus are in the business of outdoing themselves on a regular basis. It’s this level of expertise that is responsible for the stunning results we’ve seen throughout the years. From the initial concept and pre-production to the space planning and design, our design team sees that every detail is perfect.

We’re committed to you.

We reject the “business as usual” approach and work tirelessly to deliver a personal event experience. To ensure your event is executed to the highest possible standards, one of our experienced Creative Account Directors assembles a specialized, in-house team to support the specific goals and objectives of your event. From start to finish, this is our commitment to you.

Creative services are an integral part of every event we produce. The branding and visual graphic design are what ties an entire event together, creating a cohesive theme and message. Our experienced, talented team of graphic artists work with our clients to seamlessly incorporate existing branding as well as to create new branding and designs. These designs are implemented throughout every aspect of the event from massive wall installations and custom carpets to activation stations and invitations.

We offer these services for full-service event productions as well independently. We can create all the designs if you have the rest covered, or we can manage all the printing to help ease your workload.

When it comes to trade shows, we’ve left behind boring booths. We think outside the “box” pushing boundaries to deliver unique, on-brand experiences.

Understanding that trade show spaces have a unique set of needs, Blueprint Studios created Vident Exhibits, our in-house exhibit studio. Specializing in the design and production of corporate exhibit environments, Vident combines cutting-edge technology, ingenuity and craftsmanship to manufacture creative, quality trade show displays, exhibits and empowering activations that enable exhibitors to engage their customers in the most innovative ways.

Learn more about our corporate events.

A recognized industry leader, our brilliant in-house custom fabrication team designs and builds stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces including 3-D lettering, scenic props, trade show booths, CNC routing, and cabinetry.

Our skilled carpenters, metal workers, electricians and painters provide unique ways to fabricate, construct and customize pieces both beautifully and efficiently. In addition, our structural engineering and architectural team work hand in hand with the fabrication team to ensure construction accuracy and safety.

Whether you need an extensive custom buildout for a large space or simply one or two pieces to add drama or functionality, we can make it happen.

Graphics of all types are primary, essential branding tools that allow you to personalize the messaging for any event. Whether printing up our custom designs or yours, we’ll make sure everything gets printed to perfection.

From invitations, postcards, and pillows to carpets, wall coverings, and wraps, our state-of-the-art, in-house printing studio prints grand to small format graphics on a variety of substrates including acrylic, sintra, alupanel, vinyl, canvas, corrugated paper, and SEG/fabric.

Our product team takes great pride in curating an up-to-date, beautiful, on-trend, and diverse rental collection that offers both functional and exquisite solutions for all types of events. From mid-century mod and boho-chic to classic coastal and Hollywood glam, our collection can set the stage for any affair and theme.

With the largest bespoke, luxury rental collection on the West Coast, we have the inventory to handle events large and small. In order to provide a more efficient, we have three strategic warehouses in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas to reduce the need for transporting rentals for long distances. This is not only efficient but is also more environmentally friendly.

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Florals and lush greens, real or faux, bring life to any event. Their impact sometimes underestimated, florals play an important and impactful role in setting the proper mood and theme for your event. From breezy and bright to elegant and sophisticated, our team consistently raises the bar with breath-taking, custom arrangements that punctuate corporate and social affairs alike.

We partner with your designated florist to ensure everything is executed to the tee. In the San Francisco Bay Area, our in-house floral studio outdoes itself time and time again creating jaw-dropping arrangements that capture the attention of every guest.