Havana Nights at City View

Havana Nights at City View 2019-03-25T19:29:33+00:00

Project Description

Blueprint Studios Designed and Created a Havana Nights Celebration for BOX 2017 Holiday Party. With a Conservative Budget we Designed a Floor Plan that Served Over 1200 Guests, to Dance the Night Away with Swaying Palm Trees and Bamboo facades throughout the venue.

  • 1200 Attendees
  • 2 Night Extravaganza
  • 18,000 sq-ft Interior and 12,000 sq-ft Outdoor Terrace
  • Detailed Floor Plan for an Indoor/Outdoor Venue
  • Designed a Themed Event to Appeal a Multi-Cultural Audience
  • Designed & Developed a Bamboo Stage, Lounges, and Neon Signage
  • Swaying Palm Trees Throughout the Venue
  • Custom Printed Graphics for Panels

Project Details