Corporate Holiday Party Planning – Palantir

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Project Description

Corporate Holiday Party Planning

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars. In other words, 1960’s Sinatra was the inspiration for Palantir’s Holiday Party. We had the privilege to transform AT&T into Palm Springs, by designing and developing various zones from arrival lobby to Stardust lounge, which created an experiential environment for the guests.

  • 2000+ Attendees
  • Transformed the arrival area in a 1960’s style hotel lobby with bell desk and Welcome to Palm Springs custom signage
  • Designed and developed Beauty Bar for guests to glam up for the retro era. Props such as fedora’s and bow ties were provided for guests.
  • Theatre style entertainment at the Stardust lounge offered dinner and a cabaret show for the evening.
  • Custom rentals and florals adorned all three zones and completed the retro look of 1960’s Sinatra Era -Blueprint Studios coordinated lighting and design for the entire event, to create a more intimate setting for event.


Project Details